14 Kg. Washingmachines

De 14kg Wasmachines (2)

Professional business machines with 24 pre-programmed washingprogrammes.

Capacity is once as large as our 7,5Kg washinmachine; verry arranged
for big pieces of laundry such as duvet, waterbed, curtains, sleepingbags
etc..., but also lots of one and the same laundry.

The working of the washingmachines (numbered: 6 and 7):

0 = off; Display does not light up when the door is open ore closed
I = on; Display lights up when the door is closed

Step: Explanation: Image:

Open the door. Fill the machine

Close the door. The light on the coin cupboard is on, and the display is now legible.
Choose the right programme (turn button 1to 24), see the list (Click)
Buy two washcoins at the washcoin and the soap vending machine.
(For an explanation you can visit the page: Washcoin and the soap vending machine).
Divide the soap; Prewash I 1x cup, Mainwash II 1x cup. If you have programmes without a prewash (11 and 23), you have to put all of your soap in II, the Mainwash.
< Voorwas
< Hoofdwas
Throw in your two washcoins, the yellow LED is going to burn green, Press the Start button.

Washingprogramme takes one hour; The end of the washingprogramme
is readeble at the display.

Washingprogrammes 14Kg. Washingmachines:
1. White / multicolored wash 90ºC 13. Lace 30ºC
2. White / multicolored wash 60ºC 14. Lace 20ºC
3. White / multicolored wash 40ºC 15. Horses blanket 60ºC
4. non-rion 90ºC 16. Horses blanket 40ºC
5. non-rion 60ºC 17. Synthetic Duvet 40ºC
6. non-rion 40ºC 18. Synthetic Duvet 20ºC
7. Fine synthetic 50ºC 19. Duvet feathers / down 40ºC
8. Fine synthetic 40ºC 20. Duvet feathers / down 30ºC
9. Fine synthetic 30ºC 21. Duvet feathers / down 20ºC
10. No programme 22. lounge suite cover 20ºC
11. Wool wash (Mainwash II) 20ºC 23. drape (Mainwash II) 20ºC
12. Lace 40 ºC 24. Sleepingbagk / Gardenchair 20ºC