7,5 Kg. Washingmachines

De 7,5kg wasmachines (5)

This washingmachines (numbered: 1 t/m 5) Work with 4 programmes. An A-B-C and D

Programmes Centrifuge Choosebutton in clockform Temperature
A 1200 turns A = White / multicolored wash 20ºC - 95ºC
B 900 turns B = Non-iron wash 20ºC - 65ºC
C 800 turns C = Fine synthetic wash 20ºC - 65ºC
D 1200 turns D = Woolwash (only mainwash) 20ºC - 45ºC

All of these programme's take one (1) hour.

The capacity of these washingmachines (7,5kg) is one size as big
as an average household washingmachine.

Two rounds of laundry in one machine in one hour, is at your home two round of laundry in three hour.
If you use all of the machines (5) in one hour it takes the same time if you'll do ten washes at your home.

Below you can find the working of our 7,5 Kg. Washingmachines:

Step: Explanation: Image:

Fill the drum and close the door heavily.

Select the programme A, B, C of D and the temperature.
Now you can buy a washcoin (includet soap) at the the washcoin and the soap vending machine.
(For an explanation you can visit the page: Washcoin and the soap vending machine).
Add soap (1/3 forwash and 2/3 mainwash).
< forwash
Insert your washcoin.
Press the green start button.
End of the washing process (LED is yellow)
Open the door (Press the yellow button)