Welcome at the

Selfwash Cleaning Center Tiel.

23 April we celebrate our 45th birthday!
What started as Miele Wasautomatiek, has now grown into a statement:
Selfwash Cleaning Center Tiel.

For every washingcustomer we have a free surpise gift! First come, First served basis

Here you'll find information about our launderette.
Washing in the laundrette, a extension from your home... As an example:

If your washingmachine's broken- Lots of laundry - Hollyday laundry -
If you have no washingmachine - Big pieces of laundry as an example: duvet, waterbed,
sleepingbag, curtains, lace, horsecovering, etc...

Business machines; a 7,5kg and a 14kg. capacity.

The average householdwashingmachines have a 4,5kg capacity, of which the
fillingweight is 3,5kg.

Times of opening :
The whole week, also on Sundays from 07.00am to 21.00pm.

Our washingwoman will take you to all of our subjects from our website.